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Curt Harmon - Sedona Myopractor

Myopractic therapy is the art of physical balancing of the structures within the body through non-traumatic physical manipulation of the muscles, which in turn moves the bones, tendons, tissues, and organs. When misalignments in the body are relieved, the natural flow of energy is re-established. These corrections allow the body’s natural and inherent ability to balance and perfect itself.

The underlying premise of myopractics is life is motion. Motion is expressed in all cells, muscles, organs and body structures. From the larger movement of the rib cage as it expands and contracts as we breathe to the smaller movements within each cell in our bodies. Movement is a basic component of life.

Since life is movement, any restriction of natural movement may manifest in a variety of ways including back and neck pain, headaches, migraines, sciatica, body aches and other imbalances.

Myopractics considers the pelvis to be the foundation of the body. It is the largest bone structure in the body and is designed to carry the body’s weight. An imbalance in the pelvis may cause a shift in the body’s weight and may shift the weight bearing to another area causing restrictions.

Structure and function of the human body are completely interdependent. If the structure becomes altered, then the function becomes altered. Myopractic manipulation can help all of the nine systems of the body that may need assistance. The nine systems are muscular, skeletal, nervous, vascular, endocrine, respiratory, excretory, digestive and reproductive.

Symptoms can vary greatly from person to person. A myopractor will view each case individually in order to best serve each client’s independent and unique circumstances. Myopractors consider all aspects of your health and then address the core issue(s).

Many of my clients like to come in for a regular “tune-up”. This helps them to stay in alignment and allows them to feel their absolute best.

Our office provides additional complimentary services including:

*Electro Medical Micro Current (FDA cleared for pain)

*TANAEN Far Infrared (medical grade device that relieves stress and pain)

We have a very dynamic approach to assisting with the relief from pain as quickly as possible.

We appreciate our loyal clients and welcome new ones.

If you are on a visit to Sedona and are getting a spa treatment, massage or other Sedona therapy, myopractic therapy could be a very good enhancement to these services.

Please call to schedule an appointment 928-301-9077

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